Who We Are

NSTN is a network of highly qualified professionals of various disciplines and areas of specialties that strive to provide and promote best practice, evidence-based mental health services to residents of Midland and surrounding areas. The North Simcoe Therapy Network offers high quality services to a variety of populations in a warm, welcoming and comfortable environment. Our goal is to move away from a cold, sterile clinical setting and to encourage mental health and wellness in an environment that caters to the comfort of each and every client while upholding quality service.

What Makes Us Different

We provide each and every client with a unique therapeutic experience. Upon contacting North Simcoe Therapy Network each client will be greeted with respectful, supportive and helpful services that cater to each individual’s needs – as opposed to forcing client’s to fit into an existing structure of care. We are placing a whole new emphasis on client-centered care.

Our Promise To Our Clients And The Community

We will strive to provide the best possible care to individuals and their families that seek our services. We will do our best to support anyone that contacts our organization in receiving the services they are in need of, even if that involves bringing in someone that can offer that service or referring them to services outside of our group.