What Is Finding Purpose?

Finding purpose looks different for every individual. This could include integrating new meaningful activities into one’s life; finding balance; establishing attainable goals; learning ways to accept current circumstances and practice gratitude; learning to identify and live by one’s personal value system; exploring spirituality; among others.

What Services Are Offered By NSTN That Address Lack Of Motivation?

  • NSTN offers individual assessments, treatments and referrals for children (over the age of 6), youths and adults that are struggling with finding purpose.
    • Fees are offered on a sliding scale.
    • Individual therapy sessions are $120. Some exceptions apply.
    • All services provided by psychiatrists are covered by OHIP and no charges will be made to clients.
    • There is no direct cost for individual short-term counselling for those that meet the requirements for NIHB Mental Health Counselling Services (Click Here).
    • Many extended health care benefit packages provide reimbursement for counselling/therapy. Please check with your insurance provider/employer to confirm eligibility for reimbursement.
  • Groups and workshops that introduce concepts and/or skills that can help address finding purpose are available by trained and experienced clinicians for youths, adults and families at significantly reduced rates.
    • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) Group
    • Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) Skills Training Group / Workshops
    • Young Adults Group (ages 18-24)
    • Seniors Group
    • Family Support Group
    • Coping with Stress Group (Drop-In)
    • Mindfulness Workshops

Check out our GROUPS and WORKSHOPS as well as our CALENDAR for more details.

Contact our office at clinic@midlandtherapy.com or call (705) 481-1925 to schedule an appointment or to register for a group.