Sometimes if We Risk Nothing, We Risk Even More

This is a quote that I read some time ago. Recently it has become very relevant in my life and I think its meaning is important. In the last few months I decided that I wanted to build something more for myself, my family, my colleagues and my community. I resigned from my job and my partner and I invested every ounce of energy and resources we could to start something that we both truly believe in. A place where mental health and wellness services can be offered that is safe, comfortable and truly client-centred. A place where clinicians, that are excellent at what they do, can offer their services in an environment where they are understood and appreciated.

The amount of support and encouragement that we have received has been remarkable and I am actually starting to see that this dream is becoming a reality. And if it doesn’t become all that I anticipate it will, that’s okay too – I’ll find a new dream.

One thing is for sure, I will never live in paralyzing fear of following my heart again. I think many of us remain in situations that seem safe, secure – familiar. We fear the unknown. We worry that we will be selfish or compromise what we already should be grateful for in our lives. Once we are able to focus our intentions and align our desires with that which is desirable for everyone else, selflessly and with purpose anything is possible.

Thank you to all of the clients, colleagues and friends that have helped and will continue to help make our community a healthier, happier place.