Mindfulness with Roberta Boughton

Calming the Storm with Mindfulness and Other Stuff

Facilitator: Roberta Boughton, M Ed, MA, Psychotherapist and Addiction Counsellor

Painful emotions and self-critical thoughts are key triggers for many addictive and problematic behaviours.   Over a series of 4 week Modules, we’ll explore:

  • What emotions are and how we struggle to avoid painful feelings,
  • How our thinking process can create or magnify the painful feelings
  • How we self-sabotage when we buy into self-critical or extreme thoughts, fueling depression and anxiety
  • What’s helpful?

The group modules offer a combination of support and skill training to calm the storm. We’ll use Mindfulness (practices, awareness, self-compassion, acceptance) and other strategies to cope more effectively, to move beyond suffering and to utilize our strengths and values to create a richer and more fulfilling life.

Module I: Mindfulness Intro; Dealing with emotions

Module II: Our thoughts as Triggers for upset, and changing the tune

Module III: Befriending and softening suffering self though self-compassion.

Module IV: Using Mindfulness to both accept what is and make changes towards a positive and meaningful life.

When: Friday evenings, 6-8 PM Starting August 25th, 2017

Where: North Simcoe Therapy Network, 788 Yonge Street, Midland, ON

Costs: $150 per four- week module. (8 hours)

Register at the office, call (705) 481-1925 or email clinic@midlandtherapy.com